Justin Llamas – Gold EP 
Justin Llamas - Gold EP

Release Date: Out Now

Flattery will get you a long way with me, I’m that shallow. So when Justin Llamas approached me with praise for a previous review I had written I felt compelled to give his new EP a listen at the very least. The Gold EP opens with ‘Got It Out For Me’ and it’s as instantly poppy and paranoid as when I first reviewed it with its crunch beats and dirty bass. ‘Last In Line’ has a Drifters meets Bruno Mars via Meghan Trainor feel about to it while ‘Tile Floor’ is more dramatic with it’s made-for-MTV piano stabs and dramatic beats.

EP title track ‘Gold’ features the additional vocal talents of Amina Harris and has that defiantly poppy feel that Temposhark used to employ so well but mixed with some hip-hop vibes. ‘Figure Things Out’ closes the EP out and it’s a cinema ready ballad as Llamas’ smooth vocal signs off with a sense of heartache and regret. The MTV and E4 generations should lap this up and Llamas obviously has knack for writing a smooth pop song so it’s all looking golden from here….sorry.