Jamie N Commons – Not Gonna Break Me (Fiction Records) 
Jamie N Commons - Not Gonna Break Me

Release Date: Out Now

Jamie N Commons may look like Chesney Hawkes’ grumpier little brother and he may go for wearing ponchos on stage on the odd occasion but he’s got the kind of gravelly, man-of-the-people voice that you usually only hear from wizened old rocker types. New single ‘Not Gonna Break Me’ is one of those moody, montage soundtracking tunes that comes straight outta the next Fast and Furious (I’m assuming it’s on to 12 by now, “So Fast I’m Furious – angry old ladies moan about the boy racers outside their bungalows”) featuring big, booming drums and Commons’ powerful vocal tones all threaded together with some moody keys and slide guitar work. It’s slightly more Bon Jovi than it is Springsteen but I think a lot of musicians would chew your left ear off for the chance at having half the career of JBJ wouldn’t they?