Cassels – You, Us and They (Scary Monsters) 
Cassels - You, Us and They

Release Date: 12th August 2016

I came across Cassels quite early on in their fledgling musical careers and there was always a tonne of potential in the back of their van so it’s great to see that being recognised with some more success and this official EP release. As was ever the case, Cassels are uncompromising from the off as opening track ‘Cool Box’ thrashes, crashes and splashes with Reuben’s aggression and Mike Skinner’s unapologetic vocal style. ‘You Us and They’ opens with some old Pathe audio about the setting up of the NHS before that deadpan vocal delivers the lyric “I’m a fucking idiot, I got run over by the last remaining ambulance”.

On ‘Well Fed Worms In A Graveyard’ the duo shift in to 100mph with a Fall-esque approach to melodies and time signatures in a 35 assault on the senses. The EP closes up with ‘Ignoring All the Tunnels & Lights’ which is a more considered number but still has that raw energy and brutal honesty that is a Cassels trademark in their garage-punk shamblings. They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I don’t think they care particularly and they have the attitude combined with acerbic, on point lyrics to make them a compelling prospect if nothing else. And let’s face it, if ‘compelling’ is your base point then you’re doing something right aren’t you?

Live Dates:

25th August – The Wheatshead, Oxford w/Dym + Slate Hearts