Stables – Meet You (Circashaw Records) 
Stables - Meet You

Release Date: 22nd July 2016

Matthew Lowe and Daniel Trenholme may sound like a pair of Victorian entrepreneurs who aren’t appreciated in their life time (trust me, I’ve time travelled…. I had a gap year) but when they combine as Stables they make sweet, sweet music together (not like that). The delicately forlorn opening notes of ‘Meet You’ soon get swept away by some up-tempo, dare I say jaunty, acoustic strumming and the kind of pleasingly gentle yet gravelly vocals that made Mumford his millions. The US lo-fi film budget market should be on standby to snap this up for the next Michael Cera film just in case there’s a montage about a mundane routine (let’s face it, there always is) but in the meantime there is a lovely little video that focuses heavily on the legs – an underrated body part in music videos – and made me feel slightly nauseous from motion sickness by the time it reached its inevitably romantic conclusion. If legs can be romantic.

Live Dates:

30th July – Leefest: The Neverland, London
18th August – The Lexington, London
23rd August – The Castle, Manchester
24th August – Actress & Bishop, Birmingham
26th August – The Green Door Store, Brighton

27th August – Café Kino, Bristol