Michel – Drive 
Michel - Drive

Release Date: Out Now

Siblings in bands always bring a certain special energy and this can work for or against the music so when you get twin brothers cropping up as we have in Michel you’ve got to open the box and see what’s going on haven’t you? Inside the box is new single ‘Drive’ and it’s a satisfying slice of pop that teeters on the line between being mainstream and being alternative. On the one hand, you have impassioned vocals and the kind of performance you might expect from X-Factor winners – all breathless and Enrique Iglesias about things. Then again, on the other hand, you’ve got some really fresh sounding production with edge beats and synth stabs that push this tune further than it really has a right to go. I think (or is that feel?) there is more to come from Michel and this is by no means a bad start but I’d love to see them step away from the mainstream light and explore that dark side a little more.