Matthew & Me – Joy (Beatnik Creative) 
Matthew & Me - Joy

Release Date: 8th July 2016

Matthew & Me. Just look at them, they look like the Westcountry Everything But The Girl don’t they? That’s not an insult, far from it, but a press shot looking glum in front of some tired Venetian blinds doesn’t really inspire. Nevertheless, this latest single from the Totnes duo, ‘Joy’, emerges from the primordial mist around a glassy, still lake in a slow crescendo that is only broken by a thudding, unforgiving drum. For a song called ‘Joy’, there is a distinct lack of positivity here but that doesn’t do anything to dampen the beauty of the piece. Guitars that the XX would jump on and the haunting atmospherics of Elbow, Arcade Fire or the National turn this otherwise sparse arrangement in to a sweeping yet fragile tune that is in no rush to meet with your approval or fit in anywhere. As the full seven and a half minutes of this epic single unfold in front of your ears you realise that this is an anthem for the outsider, music for the jilted generation if you will (although nothing like the Prodigy, in any way whatsoever). Frankly, I feel foolish for bringing up the Venetian blind thing. They could have been standing in front of a UKIP poster and this would still be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard all year. (NB I’m fairly sure that Matthew & Me have absolutely no affiliation with UKIP, just to avoid any confusion).

Live Dates:

27th August – Sea Change Festival, Totnes