Maccie – High (Culvert Records) 
Maccie - High

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto popstress Maccie has a short but impeccable list of influence that reads; Beyonce, Ray Charles, Etta James and Michael Jackson. Kinda makes you want to listen to her, non? This debut single, ‘High’, certainly has the soulful groove of her influencers and just before the minute mark it kicks in with Beyone’s attitude as the brooding synths and guitars are lifted up by a big beat dropping in. Vocally, Maccie is more on the pop side of things and there is a sense of fierce, defiant passion in there but I would like to hear more of her range before making a final session as it all sounds quite middle to top endy. Nevertheless, a sassy pop single with a bit of edge and attitude is never a bad thing and this is certainly no bad thing.