Jack Woodward – Someone Else’s Life 
Jack Woodward - Someone Else's Life

Release Date: 5th July 2016

Warrington born, Glasgow educated and Preston residing is how Jack Woodward has lived thus far but now he’s all set to concentrate on his music so I guess he’s hoping to call a few more places home before he hangs up his songwriting boots. This is his second single and ‘Someone Else’s Life’ is a radio friendly piece of acoustic driven indie that would fit nicely alongside the likes of Coldplay, Travis, Paolo Nutini and James Morrison on a BBC Radio 2 schedule. While there’s nothing particularly remarkable about the instrumentation, Woodward’s voice is strong, clear and has a recognisably unique quality about it that will stand him in good stead among the many acts around on our airwaves these days. Not necessarily outstanding, then, but I can see that there would be a market for this kind of tune and I think the Americans might just love it in the way they love James Blunt (no rhyming slang intended here).