Feels – Roadkill 
Feels - Roadkill

Release Date: Out Now

Look at this pair of nut-jobs, bonkers huh? Well, this is what the kids in Helsinki are wearing these days if this Finnish duo are anything to go by. Feels are here with their new single, ‘Roadkill’, and its pretty gorgeous stuff if I’m honest. There’s a harshly raw beat and some roaming, ambient synths but then it kicks in to full on 80s pop mode for the chorus. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on their sound it switches again so one minute it’s Bat for Lashes, then it’s a Whitney Houston backing track and then it veers off in to Florence + The Machine messing about in the studio territory. Feels have that undefinable Scandinavian quality that always brings a touch of class and cool to proceedings but even if you scrape that away you’re still left with a quality pop song.

12th August – Flow Festival, Helsinki