CaveMouth – Who’s Pulling the Strings? 
CaveMouth - Who's Pulling The Strings?

Release Date: Out Now

A hot day like today (in the UK anyway) needs some special music to make the air that little bit more electric to trigger a thunder storm of sorts. Devon Alt-Blues combo CaveMouth are that special music and new single ‘Who’s Pulling the Strings?’ is a snarling, shirt ripping and chest beating beast of a song ready to take to the moors and howl at a blood moon. The guitars swirl, the drums pound and the saxophone (that’s right, saxophone) get the funky blues vibe going before the half rapped, half ranted vocals come popping out with a real sense of anger and frustration. I’m struggling to think of someone to compare this to you for your ease of access but the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Mudhoney meets Rage Against The Machine doing Jazz only covers about 62% of it. Genuinely refreshing and unique music with a cracking video to go with it.

Live Dates:

23rd July – Chagstock, Devon
30th July – Sidmouth Folk Festival, Sidmouth
13th August – Festival of R’n’B, Radford Mill