Yes Babez! – Hello 
Yes Babez! - Hello

Release Date: Out Now

London pair Lily and Mick are back with a new single and emails from these guys always peak my interest because they are fun and have an excellent knack for writing quirky pop songs. ‘Hello’ starts off like an acoustic boyband number and the processed beats don’t take it far from this vibe but then it starts to merge in to something like Ed Sheeran doing Flight Of The Concords singing about awkward English sensibilities when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex. Without seemingly realising it, this tune develops in to a full blown alt-pop anthem that is surely destined to be used for a montage in a lo-fi Brit-flick about coming of age in suburbia featuring lots of awkward conversations in Nando’s and waiting for the last bus.

Live Dates:

10th June – The Water Rats, London