The Underground Man – Hysteria 
The Underground Man - Hysteria

Release Date: Out Now

Now the world is going to shit around us and it seems to be starting in the UK with legitimisation of far right thinking and open racism. Once again, however, music has a way of transcending such nonsense and nastiness so up step The Underground Man, a band of British and Polish musicians, ready to show some unity and a way forwards. New single ‘Hysteria’ (appropriate much?) is a balanced and sombre piece of piano indie-pop in the vein of Keane or more recent Coldplay but with more punch. The jerky beats and juddering drums are just about held together by the smooth vocals of Gafyn Davies and the classy power of the chorus. There is a sadness to this tune but one that gets overwhelmed by a sense of defiance, a fighting spirit and a hope for something better. This could easily end up being a rallying call if enough people hear it – so get listening and get sharing.

Live Dates:

8th July – Piaskowa Pub, Krasnik
9th July – Atrium Naleczow, Naleczow
14th July – Piwiarnia Warka, Lomza
22nd July – BSCK, Busko-Zdroj

30th July – Bajgiel, Kazimierz Dolny