The Malthusian Trap – Palpitations EP 
The Malthusian Trap - Palpitations EP

Release Date: Out Now

Now here’s a mouth-watering prospect; a band with a sense of humour but a politically charged moniker and who are based in my home town but struggle to find venues that suit their personal brand of music making. If this trio was a meal you’d certainly say it had complex flavours. This new EP, ‘Palpitations’, opens with the title track and a stinging held note that is only broken by a pumping, tinny beat that comes straight out of the heart of 90s club land. As the bassline throbs and the Ian Brown meets Stereo MCs vocal delivery slides in beside you these guys lay out a very definite stall for you to peruse. ‘Blue Murder’ has a funkier edge with a bouncing guitar riff and those skittish beats bringing back those Madchester vibes again with elements of New Order, Electronic and Happy Mondays all present and oh so correct as well as a nice bits of Doves as the track reaches its climax.

On ‘Lancashire Hill’, Doug, Rob and Damon step things up a notch with a heavily groove based guitar line and some early morning urban vocals that have a hypnotically wonderful affect. The EP closes with ‘Feeling Of Freedom’ and those beats have been cranked up as the guitars scuzz and slide all over the tune a la Primal Scream at their drug addled best. The Malthusian Trap have a sound that is steeped in dark side streets, high rise buildings and late night bars but there is a sense of gritty honesty and reality that is superbly refreshing as well. Complex flavours indeed, then, but I’ll be coming back for seconds and probably a doggy bag.

16th July – Night & Day Café, Manchester

1st October – Musicians Against Homelessness, Secret Location nr Plymouth