The Goood Things – EP III (33 Records) 
The Goood Things - EP III

Release Date: Out Now

I normally rile against purposely misspelled words but there’s something quite endearing about the extra ‘o’ in The Goood Things and I’m sure there’s an excellent reason or story behind it too. This is the third EP from the Anglo-Japanese quintet and the quality doesn’t let up in any way from their previous releases. Kicking off with ‘Been Bad’ and these guys get straight in to their stride with their summery, west coast vibe mixing Beach Boys with early Beatles and a bit of Best Coast as the guitars jangle and drums roll along nice and loosely. ‘Too Much…Too Little…’ has a slightly more modern feel to it with Ting Tings style handclaps mixing with some Elvis Costello meets Evan Dando vocals and a quirky, poppy melody that it’s hard not to adore. You see, The Goood Things aren’t out for world domination or stadium filling but getting to play their upbeat vibes for an engaged and energised crowd every night would be just peachy, thanks.

On ‘Oh Brother’ the guitar and organ dance a sexy little dance together, slinking around each other’s curves before a B52s chorus (complete with ‘woo-woos’) kicks in to make the dance moves kick up a notch and that surf guitar really makes you want to shake your thing for whoever is watching. Final track ‘Looong Way’ (more superfluous vowels, but I’ll allow it) is a 100 mile an hour indie-surf-pop crowd pleaser with a non-stop bass, a slab of organ and drums that just won’t quit. The Goood Things are another addition to one of my saddest lists; bands I’d absolutely love to see live but probably won’t get to due to restricted finances. However, when that lottery win finally comes in I’m going to do a tour of dive bars and indie clubs all over the world and Tokyo will be right up there if these guys are gigging.


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  2. Thanks for another great review dude! When the day comes that you do make it to Tokyo, we"ll be ready with some ice cold beers for you :)


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