Keto – Nowhere 
Keto - Nowhere

Release Date: 17th June 2016

There is a type of sound, a sense of being that it is so quintessentially English that it speaks of time immemorial and this is the sound that Nottingham lo-folk combo Keto produce with elegant ease. New single ‘Nowhere’ (from the ‘What We Do’ EP) is so delicately poised that it sounds like the aural representation of morning’s first light dappling through the low slung canopy of Oak and Birch trees giving just enough light for the woodland creatures to go about their early morning business to. The winding and sliding violin is pure Laure Marling while Joanna Newsome gets her influence in on the vocals before the bass starts to slither around in the background and melodious notes dance around in the half-light, still drunk on the intoxications of the previous night’s revelries. One of those songs that you can get utterly lost inside if you let it inside you. Beautiful.

Live Dates:

18th June – Chameleon Arts Café, Nottingham

22nd-24th July – Nozstock Festival