Jamie Moon – Fear For Your Life (The Acoustic Roots Label) 
Jamie Moon - Fear For Your Life

Release Date: Out Now

This song has me reeling and I don’t care who knows it. The acoustic riff at the beginning seems like a carbon copy of Foo Fighter’s ‘On The Mend’ but then ‘Fear For Your Life’ starts to shift in to something more like I Am Kloot with understated vocals and gently chugging guitars. Then the chorus appears on the horizon and the thudding drums build the tension until this song has stabbing guitars, piano, crashing cymbals and all the power of a Snow Patrol stadium filling tune with the soul of a Tom Williams & The Boat heartbreaker. This is epic stuff and not in the way that kids at the bus stop mean, it is truly epic. The video is excellent too so really we’ve got the full package right here, all the way from downtown Nottingham.