Why We Love - Staying Awake (My Little Empire Records) 
Why We Love - Staying Awake

Release Date: Out Now

I'll admit to being entirely uninspired by the first 26 seconds of the latest single from Bristol twee-poppers Why We Love. However, 'Staying Awake' redeems itself wonderfully in two key ways. Firstly, there are some excellent Vampire Weekend guitars which make your hips shake and your shoulders jerk. Secondly, this whole tune has a very Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Sebastian vibe about it which is always OK in my book. Oh, and the fact that the whole tune comes in at just over three minutes means that they can do away with that first 26 seconds and it will only improve the tune. Bonus!

Live Dates:

26th March - EP Release Party - Cube Microplex, Bristol