Violetic - Figure It Out 
Violetic - Figure It Out

Release Date: 22nd March 2016

I had a shitty day today. No two ways about it. The day job sucked and my leg hurts. Not shitty on a global scale, just one of those Tuesdays that you'd rather leave behind and hope to hell that isn't your groundhog day. So sitting down, opening up my inbox and randomly selecting this single by London based trio Violetic was just a perfect tonic. 'Figure It Out' builds so beautifully broodingly, like a mood setting in and effecting everything you do until the cymbals crash around you as you have your Falling Down moment. The guitars scythe and snowball in the wake of their own distortion while the machine gun drums puncture the air and beat you around the head. Everyone deals with frustration in different ways, for some it's the gym but for me it's dark, brooding and intensely introspective music. Thank you Violetic, you should be on the NHS.

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22nd March - Single Launch @ Servant Jazz Quarters, London w/Tidelines