Thoughts - Tuck 
Thoughts - Tusk

Release Date: Out Now

Brighton boys Thoughts have just released their debut single, 'Tuck', and it's worth spending three minutes and eleven seconds of your time giving it a listen. As introductions go, the Suede-esque guitars and throbbing bass line grab you by the balls and then the slinky, sleazy vocal performance eases in from stage left and we're up and running. This is a cracking little indie tune in the style of so many of my favourite bands from years gone by - Suede, Menswear, Livingstone are just some of the influences I can hear in there that make me smile from one indie ear to the other. What makes this stand out, however, is some excellent solo guitar work towards the end that gives this, weirdly, a slightly Santana vibe that just about works. Just about.

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14th March - Latest Music Bar, Brighton