Ryn – Coincide EP(Bright Redistribution Records Ltd) 
Ryn - Coincide EP

Release Date: Out Now

As a follow up to her previous ‘Confide EP’, Exeter singer-songwriter Ryn has brought out another five track collection of songs under the title the ‘Coincide EP’ which makes me think the next release will be the ‘Collide EP’ if you’re following a pattern. Opening with ‘In Woods’ you are immediately transported to a cosy space warmed by burning logs while frost crystallises on every surface outside. The warm rolling guitar notes and sprinkled piano notes are pure bliss and Ryn’s voice wafts throughout the song like the delicate scent of a recently lit candle. ‘Sure’ is a more subtle affair with brooding guitar notes nudging the song along, only to be sliced by the occasional swoosh of bow on string and the gorgeous lines of lyrics like “pocketing pebbles like good intentions”. Ryn is pitched somewhere between Laura Marling and Zoe Johnston but with the spirit of the Indigo Girls at their most tender and provocative behind the lyrics.

On ‘Human Animal’ things take a turn towards the more subdued side of things but if you’ve got a penchant for the introspective and gentle side of music then this will be like a flame to your aural moth. The gentle theme continues on ‘Water Bird’ as does the autumnal vibe and the excellent vocal performance and delicate guitar notes. By the time ‘How This Seems’ closes this EP with its Parisian vibe and breathy vocals, you are left under no illusion that Ryn’s aim on this collection is to soothe, provoke thought and lose you in a world of the introspective minutiae of this world. And that’s all good but if I had one request for the next EP it would be to let loose on those vocal chords and give us a couple of numbers that we can really sing along to in the car.

More information: www.facebook.com/rynacoustic