James Atkin - Love Blind 
James Atkin - Love Blind

Release Date: Out Now

Being a member of 90s and 00s British music behemoths EMF and Bentley Rhythm Ace kinda gives you a bit of a free pass in my book but in the interests of science I thought I'd give James Atkin's new solo single a listen. 'Love Blind' has that 90s indie-dance vibe going on so it's not a massive stretch from EMF or James' poppier moments but there's also a little bit of Dubstar and St Etienne in there with the light and floaty melodies. A moody black and white video accompanies the song which is, lyrically at least, pretty bleak as Atkin turns his emotional blind eye to a failing relationship. It's not so much a return to form as it is a continuation of a prolific career of excellent song writing, teenagers of the 90s will enjoy this but that shouldn't stop anyone else loving it too.

Live Dates:

29th May - 100 Club, London w/Space

30th May - Darven Music Festival