Hicksgate - Just Beginning ft. Swerv 
Hicksgate - Just Beginning ft. Swerv

Release Date: Out Now

Bristol artist Hicksgate has been doing what so few musicians bother doing these days - he's been honing his craft. For three years he's kept himself busy working in the background on his music, his art and the first fruit of this labour is this single, 'Just Beginning'. Kicking off with some sparkling melodies, some deep sounding strings soon join in before the rhymes kick in and suddenly this is a much bigger prospect than this writer expected it to be. This is a tune for the streets of New York or LA with big cars and bigger bling but with the aggression and intelligence that UK Hip-Hop all wrapped up in some slick, club friendly beats. Impressive stuff and hopefully there's more to come now that the creative juices have started flowing.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/HICKSGATE

Live Dates:

25th March - Lakota, Bristol