Haley Ryan - Find A Way 
Haley Ryan - Find A Way

Release Date: Out Now

Newcastle-under-Lyme singer-songwriter Haley Ryan's new single, 'Find A Way', is fairly inoffensive in its acoustic strum and vocals that beg to be sung with a concerned frown and hands grasping at thin air. Ryan's voice is somewhere between pop and indie-rock but there's not enough depth and soul to make this fully satisfying. I'd expect that there's more to come from Ryan but the songwriting is still a little stuck in the 90s and I would implore her to really open up and let those pipes sing, I think she might just have it in her. For now, though, this tune is destined to be played over the montage of a weeping also-ran on the X-Factor. Close but no cigar....yet.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/haleyryanmusic

Live Dates:

25th March - A Tribute To Lemmy Charity Event, Burslem

28th March - Samantha Lloyd EP Launch, Stoke On Trent w/Samantha Lloyd