Gillian Nicola - Oh Marie 
Gillian Nicola - Oh Marie

Release Date: Out Now

Canadian songstress Gillian Nicola has an aura of honesty and authenticity about her, even from the way she writes her generic press release talking about her song like it's her own child. That child/song is 'Oh Marie' and it's a gently, soothingly beautiful piece that washes over your ears like warmth served up on a platter of familiarity. A soft but assured acoustic strum is nudged along by an understated rhythm section and some well placed lap steel that takes you south of the border in to Nashville territories. This isn't going to win any prizes for breaking boundaries or pushing limits, but sometimes you don't want a night out with crazy party animals, you just want to hang out with your oldest and most trusted friends and that's the place that this song inhabits.

Live Dates:

19th March - Acoustic Blend Cafe, Hamilton

20th March - The Casbah, Hamilton w/Ginger St. James