Monique Angele - Answers 
Monique Angele - Answers

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto born Monique Angele is currently residing in Australia which, for some reason,  her makes her sound like one of the most clean living people you can imagine and that sense of purity is there for all to see in the new single and video from the singer songwriter. 'Answers' uses a hypnotically delicate piano riff to underpin Angele's soothing tones and the two combine to create a Muse-esque thing of beauty. Accompanying the video, which takes in a day of sights, this has the feel of a mid-film montage but an up and coming director creating a 'moment in time' piece about how the rural and urban parts of life coexist. On a more base level, however, this is simple, pure and beautiful music that, even when the drums kick in towards the end, would soothe the fiercest of beasts at the end of the hardest of days. Stunning.

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24th February - Grumpy's Green, Fitzroy, VIC