ZUU Music - Ain't No Sunshine feat. Johnny Voltik 
ZUU Music - Ain't No Sunshine

Release Date: 29th January 2016

Yes, this is the 'Ain't No Sunshine' you're thinking of but, no, this is not the version you'll be familiar with. This is very far from that version. ZUU Music (Robb Dixon to his mum) has taken a well known classic and, sure, it starts off recognisably enough but soon the beats and thick synth blasts take over and this tune is transported to a club smasher as played out with the sound effects of a mid-90s arcade game. They beats are big but skittish, the synths are sweet AND sour while the rapping of guest Johnny Voltik is smooth across the top - essentially this is a giant ice cream sundae with free refills on chocolate sauce and sprinkles. Purists may take offence but, for me, the soul of the song is still in there, it just has a new set of threads and sharp new haircut.