Thom Byles - In Your Blood 
Thom Byles - In Your Blood

Release Date: Out Now

I'll freely admit that I had to look up Nazeing, the hometown of singer-songwriter Thom Byles, but on looking it up it turns out Mr Byles is an Essex boy so I immediately made the assumption that new single, 'In Your Blood', was about family ties and loyalty. What this song is actually about is creating the most blissful, early morning vibe with a rolling, trickling acoustic melody and the kind of fragile vocals we've come to expect from the likes of Jose Gonzalez. Some bare but entirely essential kick in around 80 seconds in and suddenly the layered guitars blend with Byles' emergent voice to create something so softly beautiful it genuinely brought a tear to my eye. This is music for new beginnings, whether it be the start of a new day after you've just gone through the break up from hell or the birth of your first child. Get this track now and prepare to weep good, honest tears of emotion before it gets snapped up and used on some commercial hell bent on pulling at your heart strings until they snap and fray.

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