The Assist - Love (M.A.S. Records) 
The Assist - Love

Release Date: Out Now

Walsall lads (and just look at them, they're proper lads aren't they?) The Assist are making a bit of a name for themselves through a bit of good old fashioned grit and determination. New single 'Love' has been turning a few heads (or ears) and quite a few of them have been forcibly turned on this evidence. You see, 'Love' is an epic slice of indie as performed by a gang of lads who were weaned on the embers of Britpop and told bedtime stories of characters called Bez, John Squire, Damon Albarn and Richard Ashcroft. There's a Madchester looseness that is hard to resist, beats that would get even the most miserable indie DJ dancing and a sense of euphoria that should have tents at this summer's festivals jumping with sheer delight. Essentially, this is how love should feel - exciting, exhilerating, heart swellingly joyful and, eventually, it should give you a bit of a hard on at the very least (or the female equivalent).

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