Lost Dawn - Fever 
Lost Dawn - Fever

Release Date: 5th February 2016

For the first time since David Bowie ascended from this earthly realm, I am sitting to review a band producing new music for our ears in 2016. This feels slightly odd, like going to someone's house for a wake after you've just watched them being lowered in to the ground, so I've had to choose my prey carefully. As luck would have it, Falmouth's rising stars and LWM favourites LWM have produced a mini-album, 'Fever', to get me back in to the world of the active listener so with cautious optimism I'm pressing play...

Affairs get under way with 'Electrify', a ramshackle garage-pop romp that comes in at just over two and a half minutes with the sole purpose of getting feet tapping, hips shaking and heads bobbing. 'Naked Lunch' is up next with a throbbing, Stages Of Dan bass line and distorted vocals that could have been sung any time from the early 70s to today as long as you know the band have been absorbing Iggy, Dylan, Redd Kross and the Strokes. Whichever way you slice these guys they bleed effortless cool which is nothing to be sniffed at and when they hit full stride they are as slick as Bowie's hair during the 80s.

Lost Dawn - no mugs
The centre point of this album (technically a long EP but I've decided to let that one pass) is the near six minute title track, 'Fever'. A hip snakingly tropical melody smokes in under the door and weaves it's way in through the party without anyone noticing before grabbing you by the waist and dry humping you from behind with some chunky guitars and a cheeky little jazz break that is reminiscent of the Doors. 'Construction Rock' was born on the highways of America with road trip riffs and an air of wanderlust that craves wind in the hair and a smile full of dead fly remains. The Lynyrd Skynyrd ending gives way to 'Rasputin' which mixes the bands staple psyche rock sound with some more accessible mainstream pop-rock chorus work which hints at the kind of music we can expect in the future from these guys. 'Aguila' closes things up and you might want to roll a fat one and sit down for this as it's nearly ten (yes, 10) minute long and is a real slow jam of pure indulgence that would be the perfect soundtrack to a sunrise as seen after staying up all night with your best friends and comrades.  To me, this is very much a bridging record between their successful 2015 and what's to come in 2016 and beyond. Bowie would approve of the creativity and freedom on this record so I'm making it my soundtrack to the mourning process, feel free to do the same.

Watch The Video for 'Construction Rock': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZTMyPR0rTA

Live Dates:

5th February - Album Launch @ Woodlane Social Club, Falmouth w/The Holiday + Ghosts + Antithesis Of Man
9th February - Birthdays, London

12th February - Roll For The Soul, Bristol