Inhoodies - Gospel 
Inhoodies - Gospel

Release Date: Out Now

When a tune that is over five minutes long starts with as lazy a strum as 'Gospel' does you would be forgiven for thinking you're in for a long five minutes. This latest release from enigmatic Turkish songwriter Inhoodies, however, has a strength about it that would put this tune alongside the likes of the Verve or Embrace at their peak in terms of its ability to take a simple melody and build it up over and over again until it becomes an anthem. Soft drums, subdued strings and smooth vocals all combine to make a warm, summer's afternoon of a song that drifts through the trees on the banks of the river wonderfully. If I was being super critical then I would suggest 90 seconds at the end of this song could be cut to make it more radio friendly but if you're not enjoying it then just switch stations, right?

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