Flamingo Bay - Blues Flute
Flamingo Bay - Blues Flute

Release Date: Out Now

Toronto has come up trumps again with the excellent Flamingo Bay and their unique brand of filthy swamp rock. Latest release 'Blues Flute' was begat by Lynyrd Skynyrd and has been slowly evolving in some swamp somewhere until it had enough about it to crawl out and start bothering the local townsfolk. If you like your guitars low slung and dirty, your drums chaotic and full of personality and your vocals with a darkness that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would embrace without hesitation. Throw in a road trip video, a whole lot of beard action, some chewing tobacco and a snarling crescendo that builds irresistibly and you've got yourself a bona fide rock stomper.

Live Dates:

27th January - The Mansion, Kingston w/Ted Evans Band + Sweet Talk Jackie
28th January - L'escogriffe Bar Spectacle, Montreal w/Cuntagious + Ultrapterodactyle
29th January - The Avant Garde Bar, Ottawa w/The Dead Bees + Better Living Through Chemistry
5th February - Baltimore House, Hamilton w/Franke & Jimmy + Torque Hound

20th February - Bovine Sex Club, Toronto w/Yeomans + Wine Lips