Tuesday, 3 November 2015


We Three And The Death Rattle - Stray Rounds (PAW//PURR) 
We Three And The Death Rattle - Stray Rounds

Release Date: Out Now

I'm starting to develop a bit of a crush on these guys which is going to make for an awkward date but I think they're way out of my league anyway so let's not worry about that just yet. The new single from rock'n'roll trio We Three And The Death Rattle is the marvellously dirty 'Stray Rounds' and the warnings of "duck and cover" is sound advice indeed. Essentially this is Alison Goldfrapp in full on dominant seductress mode fronting Muse at their sleaziest with LCD Soundsystem on production and beat generating duties. It's direct, dirty, meaty and has equal measures of style and substance. Like I said, these guys have got the full package and it's a package I'd like to unwrap but for now I'll just admire from the shadows...

More information: https://www.facebook.com/wethreeandthedeathrattle/?fref=ts

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