The Interceptors - Lights Out EP 
The Interceptors - Lights Out EP

Release Date: Out Now

Three men walk in to a bar. The barman says, "alright lads, who are you?". "Fred Baylis, Thaddeus Sterianos and Luke Philpott" they chime. And so The Interceptors are born, possibly the three most unlikely band member names....apart from Luke, that's fairly run of the mill. Anyway, the Falmouth trio are joining a long list of top notch bands marching, ominously, on the music world via the A38 and the Tamar Bridge. This new EP from the three piece hits you round the chops from the word go so you'd better grit your teeth and brace those chops. Opening track 'Parallel' is a no-nonsense, smack you about the face riot of guitars and indie attitude that would have any club bouncing from the first crackle of a guitar lead. 'Flags' is up next and despite opening with the meaty might of Royal Blood, it soon settles in to a more choppy garage punk pattern with some skate pop melodies in the choruses.

By the time we hit 'Hollow' the die is cast and these three are settling in to the kind of form that a fledgling Feeder or My Vitriol used to do so well with. 'Hollow' is my stand-out track on this EP with its urgent beat and twitchy, uncertain guitars bouncing  around in the shadows only to be laced together by the cool, understated vocals. The final track on this collection, 'Lights Out', which has a touch of the Strokes about it and pretty completes the indie credentials of these Cornish crooners. Tight, punchy, full of hooks and with melodies that worm in to your head - that's pretty much the full package so, yeah, watch out world.

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