The Cut Throat Razors - Motown's Lost Its Soul EP 
The Cut Throat Razors - Motown's Lost Its Soul

Release Date: 27th November 20115

Anyone ready for an eleven piece Glaswegian funk machine? Oh really? I don't think you are, y'know. Not for this jelly. The Cut Throat Razors (more punk than funk but a great name nonetheless) have a new EP which kicks off with the title track, 'Motown's Lost Its Soul' and, well, we're off. Like a young Stevie Wonder trying to impress Craig Charles for a little air time on a Saturday night, the funk is strong in this collective as the tight guitars scratch while the keys ooze and pop like whisky and coke....on the rocks. 'Losing My Mind' is up next and has a more rock'n'roll feel with some Doors-esque keys going on and a Zutons meets Franz Ferdinand feel - not to mention the dirtiest guitars I've heard outside of a grunge record in a very long time. It is remarkable how, despite being an eleven piece band, the personality of each instrumentalist comes through at different stages and that says a lot about the song writing.

The second half of this collection, 'She's My Baby' is straight out of the West Coast swinging 60s with surfing guitars and a touch of the MFC Chicken about the song structure just without all the poultry references. Closing up with 'A Beautiful Day', The Cut Throat Razors show of a more poppy side that is reminiscent of compatriots Belle & Sebastian or Teenage Fanclub and this could be the kind of song that could see them cross over to a wider listenership, albeit not particularly indicative of their core sound. There's an EP launch coming  up in Glasgow and I can only imagine these guys will be a blast live although they must a sound man's nightmare in smaller venues - so for the sake of the band and the soundmen (and women) of Glasgow's smaller venues, buy a copy of this EP and propel these guys'n'gals to bigger things (and places).

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27th November - EP Launch @ Stereo, Glasgow w/SUPA + Da Kryptonites


  1. This Band are a truly amazing band with a blend of so many sounds all mixed into one. Come see the Band live at Stereo and see for yourself just how good they really are.


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