Husky - I'm Not Coming Back (Embassy of Music) 
Husky - I'm Not Coming Back

Release Date: Out Now

I don't get enough music from Australia but what I do get tends to be top notch so I was excited to receive this latest release from Melbourne duo Husky. My excitement was rewarded almost immediately by 'I'm Not Coming Back' with its sunrise optimism opening and general Jose Gonzalez vibe. That said, the chorus is far more lively than Mr Gonzalez ever got and the melodies that these guys weave in between their acoustic strumming and bobbling keys are heart swellingly, tear jerkingly, mood liftingly gorgeous. There is also a stunning video to go along with this tune so even if you don't like the single (cos you're all mad and shit) then you can at least enjoy the beautiful animation. The full package, then.

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