Candice Gordon - Smoke In The Air (Proper Octopus Records) 
Candice Gordon - Smoke In The Air

Release Date: Out Now

On Ms Gordon's Facebook page her own description is 'goth-psych she-wizard'. I think that stands up on its own as an awesome statement of intent but I thought it was worth bringing to your attention before we get down to the music. This latest single from Berlin based Candice Gordon, 'Smoke In The Air', is a macabre piece of 60s inspired goth pop that I fell in love with by the time we got to the 30 second mark. Gordon's haunting vocal glides smokily over a room where the bass and drums are cooking up some sort of evil mischief and the guitars are flitting furtively in the shadows. I wouldn't even raise a surprise eyebrow if you told me that Candice Gordon is one of Jim Morrison's bastard offspring, such is her effortlessly theatrical style and sultry air. A truly inspiring tune that would make Florence Welch, Anna Calvi and PJ Harvey re-evaluate their output.

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Live Dates:

26th November - Kaffe T Hof, Middelburg

4th December - Salzburg Rockhouse, Salzburg