Ali Ingle - Hey Kid 
Ali Ingle - Hey Kid

Release Date: Out Now

The uber talented and underrated (or at least underexposed) Ali Ingle with a new EP and this is the first shot across the bows from said EP. 'Hey Kid' is lo-fi and high class pop at the same time which usually denotes genuine class and talent which Ingle has in spades. The lazily simple guitar line is David Kitt meets Beck while the melodies are Taylor Swift meets Elbow in their stadium filling potential. The song layers up like some kind of sumptuous all you can eat buffet that just when you think you can't eat anything more you see the fresh shrimp on the next table. There's hope, there's honesty, there's raw emotion and there's a genuine sense of song craft behind this deceptively simplistic song. Beautiful and pure, love it.

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