Token Joker - Green 
Token Joker - Green

Release Date: Out Now

Dawlish rockers Token Joker are back with a new single ahead of a new EP and the Westcountry boys are still hell bent on rocking out. The simply titled 'Green' is a crashing, throbbing, chiming, Kings Of Leon sized piece of rock'n'roll with the kind of sleazy sex appeal that INXS traded in for so long. This is great music for stomping down a street in the dark to, getting yourself all pumped and swaggering before you hit the bars for a night out. My only criticism is that at nearly six minutes long this does go on a bit longer than it perhaps should do but I guess the temptation is there to just rock out once you get in to that studio. Still, the live version is surely going to be worth the wig out, isn't it?

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Live Dates:

16th  October - Oxjam Takeover, Teignmouth

17th October - Oxjam Takeover, Exeter