NARCS/Forever Cult - Blue Bags/Together (Clue Records) 
NARCS - Blue Bags

Release Date: International Cassette Store Day

Now, I'm a big fan of Clue Records and their whole roster but they are only releasing 29 copies of this split single which means they have probably already sold out by the time I'm writing this. Which is fine but I always like to imagine that for every review I write at least one person goes out and purchases the thing I've written about so your chances are limited, people. And this is a shame because NARCS are awesome and their half of this single, 'Blue Bags', is smack-you-in-the-face-and-spit-in-your-ear astounding. A brooding, building opening is crudely stitched together by the trademark gravelly tones of frontman Wilko before properly kicking in around half way through. These guys should be a mainstay of the indie touring circuit and I fully expect, nay demand, that they be more popular by this time next year. The guitars alone go on a journey from rock to indie to prog before being cut down in their prime.

Forever Cult - Together
The second half of this football match of a single belongs to Forever Cult and their offering, 'Together'. Some urgent, Cable meets Biffy-esque guitars get things off to a twitchy, itchy start and the drums try their best to fill in the gaps in between. This is a perfectly good indie-rock single with power, quirk and attitude but the problem with split singles is you are always going to open yourself up to comparison. On this evidence, NARCS win this on a bloody eyebrow and a groggy showing from Forever Cult but there wasn't a huge amount in it. Not that it matters, copies of this single are already akin to gold dust I would think.

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Forever Cult -

Live Dates:

Forever Cult

23rd November - Think Tank, Newcastle
24th November - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh
25th November - Bar Bloc, Glasgow
26th November - The Green Room, Perth
27th November - Maguire's Pizza Bar, Liverpool
28th November - The New Adelphi Club, Hull
2nd December - The Old Blue Last, London
3rd December - The Lemon Factory, Swansea
4th December - Le Pub, Newport

5th December - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds