Mayflower - Sienna 
Mayflower - Sienna

Release Date: Out Now

Manchester lads Mayflower are getting noticed by the right people. Saint Steve Lamacy and Duke Guy Garvey are already interested and other prominent DJs throughout the BBC network are starting to give their support as well. This initial demo, 'Sienna', is being touted around as an early calling card and it's something of a slow burner. Meandering guitars and some ponderous drums all mingle to create a shoegazey bed on which the vocals can lounge luxuriously. Elements of the Verve, Swim Deep and Embrace are in there which is all good but on the evidence of this single I'm struggling a little bit to see what all the fuss is about. I can imagine this tune being a near religious experience if in the right venue with the right amount of alcohol in your blood stream and nothing else to distract you. However, the slightly muddy mix and my complete sobriety leaves me a little cold on this one. Intriguing though, definitely intriguing.

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Live Dates:

7th November - The Workshop, London
20th November - Ruby Lounge, Manchester

1st December - Tuesday Live @ Joshua Brooks, Manchester