Jennifer Budd - Don't Even 
Jennifer Budd - Don't Even

Release Date: Out Now

I tell you what, from the word go I like this artist. Ontario singer-songwriter Jennifer Budd has done what many an aspiring artist does and has put herself on the cover of her CD. What she has done differently, however, is to avoid the temptation to put an anatomical picture up from which you can determine her bra size and whether her collar matches her cuffs, as it were. So, on to the music. New single 'Don't Even' is a sultry number from the get go as the moods of Winehouse and Amos blend with the assured kookiness of Hozier and Kimbra. Budd's voice is rich, powerful and cuts through the layers of melodies like a polished, platinum sword. The verses are smoky, jazzy and seductive whereas the choruses are more bold, brash and crawl across tables just to get your attention. Every now and again, this track flirts with the rock ballad but there is more class and more substance behind the style here to ensure that this stays not only credible but also massively impressive. Bravo.

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