Alex Vargas - Giving Up The Ghost 
Alex Vargas - Giving Up The Ghost

Release Date: Out Now

Half British, Half Danish but entirely full of talent, Alex Vargas is one of those vocal talents that is able to adapt to almost any musical style without losing any integrity or depth. This latest single, 'Giving Up The Ghost', is a piano lead, soul infused and thoroughly intriguing piece of pop that the likes of Sam Smith would die for. Literally. He'd stop breathing and everything. Beats that skitter and scatter in every direction, rich velvety vocals, a dirty electro bass line and a whole host of melodies that swirl around your head all combine to create an utterly uplifting and energising experience. The closest I've come to this in the past is the excellent Tempo Shark but this is less poppy and more soulful while comparisons to the likes of Above & Beyond only work in terms of sensations as the music has a totally different vibe. Vargas is a talent, that's for sure, but I am eager to hear a full album of his tunes to see if he's got the consistency. Cards on the table, I reckon he could pull off a great album but we'll have to wait as the EP isn't due until January 2016.

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Live Dates:

23rd October - The Eagle Inn, Salford
25th October - Start The Bus, Bristol
26th October - The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
27th October - Oslo Hackney, London
29th October - HQ Headquarters, Aarhus
30th October - Kulturmaskinen, Odense
31st October - Musikkens Hus, Aalborg
1st November - Dr Koncerthuset, Copenhagen
16th November - Botanique Rotonde, Brussels
17th November - Le Pop Up Du Label, Paris
18th November - Paradiso, Amsterdam
22nd November - Bergwacht, Cologne
23rd November - Kantine am Berghain, Berlin
24th November - Pret a Ecouter Festival, Heidelberg
25th November - Exil, Zurich

26th November - Barn, Bern