Secular Ghost - The Bystander Effect 
Secular Ghost - The Bystander Effect

Release Date: Out Now

If I were to launch a musical career as a solo artist then Secular Ghost would be the kind of name I would plump for although this has clearly already been pinched by the trixy Ryan James, straight outta South Wales. This first release under the Secular Ghost title is a two track single that opens with 'The Bystander Effect', a dark, stormy night of a track that demands a large wheeled vehicle with better than average speakers to play this out of. Early 90s computer game sound effects mix with Roni Size sized bass drones and some moody, breathy vocals just to add to the ambience of a track that should surely feature on a TV series like Gotham at the very point that someone swears bloody revenge. 'Wormhole #1' is the B-side and comes in at just under two minutes of swirling, fluttering ambient synth noodling which would make a fantastic mid album palate cleanser or the intro to a much bigger, club slaying tune.

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