Richard Lomax - Hotel X 
Richard Lomax - Hotel X

Release Date: Out Now

It's not often I get to write the phrase 'Richard Lomax is a Manchester based Omnichord player and songwriter' but Richard Lomax is a Manchester based Omnichord player and songwriter. Twice! Ha! Lomax's latest single 'Hotel X' is about so much more than the Omnichord though. Positioned somewhere between Jim Noir, the Zutons and Richard Hawley, the agitated, brooding and slightly itchy spirit of this track doesn't rest for long before turning on its heels and heading off in a new direction. This music has an attention deficit disorder of the most appealing variety but the strand that runs through the core is Lomax's smooth, baize-like vocal which could croon the pants off a many panted lady. High praise indeed, then. Watch out ladies of Italy, he's coming for you and he's bringing his Omnichord. I mentioned that he plays an Omnichord right? Good.

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Live Dates:

8th October - Pomopero (Breganze), Viterbo
9th October - Giardini Luzzati, Genoa
11th October - Tetris, Trieste

18th October - A Carefully Planned Festival, Manchester