Natural Anthem - Paranoid (Mystery Egg Records) 
Natural Anthem - Paranoid

Release Date: 11th September 2015

Natural Anthem are a Texas duo made up of Jake Murphy and Daniel Slatton and, on the evidence of latest single 'Paranoid', they make geek-indie of the highest melodic order. The lazily strummed guitar is pure Teenage Fanclub or Magic Numbers while the bass line pops along with more pep than it has any right to. The beat is straight from the 60s protest songs via Redd Kross and the vocals suggest someone has been on a 5 days acid trip that has left them confiding in a standard lamp while picking individual strands of hair out of their head until they are completely bald on one side. This is soothing and unsettling in equal measure which is an impressively perfect balance for any record to strike. Oh, and the video will leave you feeling more than a little spaced out too so don't watch it before operating any heavy machinery, capiche?

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