Jake Morley - Allegorical House 
Jake Morley - Allegorical House

Release Date: Out Now

The wondrous Jake Morley is teasing us back in to life for the Autumn with this latest single ahead of his new album. 'Allegorical House' features Morley's signature rapid fire vocals with original lyrics and a slightly skewed view on the minutiae of the universe. The rippling guitar strings, humming bass and trickling percussion all build beautifully, nourished by the vocal harmonies and the passion and purity in that voice. That voice. Jake Morley has one of those voices that hits some part of my brain smack dab in the middle and makes me feel joyful and tearful at the same time. It's the musical embodiment of huge relief sweeping through every part of you and to be able to recreate that emotion with a few strums'n'hums is a powerful talent indeed. Like Derren Brown, though, Morley will surely only use his powers for good so open up your ears, unshield your heart, close your eyes and feel the smile spread from your lips to every part of your body. Enjoy.

More information: https://www.facebook.com/jakemorleymusic?fref=ts

Watch The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr-VOal1lZg

Live Dates:

4th October - Castle, Manchester
5th October - Basement, York
7th October - Rocking Chair, Sheffield
8th October - Moon Club, Cardiff
9th October - Louisiana, Bristol
11th October - Phoenix, Exeter
17th October - Railway, Winchester
18th October - Latest, Brighton
21st October - St Pancras O.C., London

23rd October - St Peter's, Ipswich