Crowded House - Help Is Coming

Crowded House - Help Is Coming [Save The Children]

Release Date: Out Now

This blogging game, as much as I love it, can feel a little futile at times and none more so than at the moment when you can't move for images of Syrian refugees struggling against European red tape and bigotry. So, when the opportunity arose to help raise some awareness then I felt obliged to spread the word about this charity song. Kiwis Crowded House have teamed up with Save The Children and got a nice little intro from Benedict Cumberbatch so that 'Help Is Coming' can be released to the world to raise some money for those that need it most. The song is beautiful and sad in a way that only Crowded House can do but really that's completely irrelevant. When watched in conjunction with the video only the coldest of hearts could fail to be moved. The images and words of displaced children coming to terms with issues that most adults would struggle to take on are striking to say the least. This is a crisis the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lifetimes so it falls on us to take some responsibility and open our arms, hearts, minds and borders to those who can no longer call their house a home. Watch the video, hear the stories and let the music create a backdrop to this nightmarish situation. And then donate. If you do nothing else today, send that text and donate. It could save a life.

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