Bernaccia - Power To The Hills 
Bernaccia - Power To The Hills

Release Date: 26th September 2015

Aside from being a Hilary Clinton campaign anthem, the new single from Geordie boys Bernaccia is also an atmospheric, cinematic piece of wild-west inspired wondrousness. 'Power To The Hills' is underpinned by thundering, galloping drums and guitars that shudder in the midday sun like melting tarmac. Frontman Jonny Noble's vocals are pure Jim Morrison as they seep seductively from the speakers and seduce you as much as they lead you astray. If you heard this tune drifting out of a tent at Burning Man or just in your ears as you drove a beaten up convertible in to Vegas on the fumes of the last remnants of gas then you would feel at home. How it fits in on the banks of the Tyne I don't know but I'm sure if you pop your collar against the winter wind and strap your headphones on then this will be guaranteed to warm your cockles.

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10th October - Mining Institute, Newcastle