Victoria - Summertime 
Victoria - Summertime

Release Date: Out Now

As the British summer (stop laughing at the back) draws to a close it's probably a bit late to discover a stomping indie-pop summer anthem but there's always next year, right? Looking like Marcus Mumford's chirpier little cousins, London five-piece deliver 'Summertime' like a tune that was written by Ed Sheeran for One Direction before they announced their split so instead they offered it to the Feeling to give it a sense of authenticity before selling the rights to a major mobile phone network for their summer advertising campaign. In all seriousness, this is a song with serious pop chops and the commercial potential huge - especially if the US market picks up on this and makes it the main montage tune of next summer's big rom-com. This might be your last chance to get a slice of sunshine in to your summer months so jump on board (no reference to the Victoria line, honest).

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