Sound Of The Sirens - All We Have Is Time EP 
Sound Of the Sirens - All We Have Is Time

Release Date: Out Now

So I've been championing this Exeter duo for a while now and it finally seems to be getting them somewhere - that's right, I'm taking all the credit for them getting picked up by Radio 2 and generally booked for a whole host of festivals. This latest EP opens with 'The Confession', a song full of agitated passion, uncomfortable energy and a real sense of urgency all wrapped in gorgeous two part vocal harmonies and pin-point guitar playing. 'All For The Best' has a mellower, more traditional folk opening as the intermingling acoustic instrumentation and carefully placed piano notes stir up images of a misty morn in a country orchard as a day breaks but the heartache of the night still lingers in the shadows, refusing to leave completely.

The a cappella opening to 'The Fear' is soon joined by some smooth violin and a subtly strummed rhythm building the tension to go with the sinister, menacing tone that really ought to be sung with the head tipped forward whilst the eyes strain upward to maintain an unsettling level of eye contact. To close matters off, 'Together Alone' is a sweet, cinematic piece of optimism set to a hopeful melody and is a song that takes Sound Of The Sirens to a new level - here we have a band that I no longer liken to other acts but instead I compare others to this talented two-piece which is one of the greatest compliments you can ever pay a musician. Predictably, wonderfully and, perhaps, reassuringly this EP is marvellous in every way so, once again, I've been right all along. So there.

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Live Dates:

28th August - Watchet Festival, Watchet
5th September - Occombe Beer Festival, Paignton
19th September - Looe Festival, Looe w/Johnny Marr + The Buzzcocks
17th October - The Factory, Barnstaple
3rd December - Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
4th December - O'Neills, Birmingham

5th December - The Crown, Birmingham